Thursday, July 14, 2011

back to cute...........sold

Back to cuter dolls
The one in the brown pants has sold .... the one in blue jeans is available .

I am so happy right now .... the fans are on , they are blowing in COOL air , it's wonderful .

so on these last few hot days .... guess what I've been doing ! I am painting my studio floor .
Years ago I painted it with Benjamin Moore deck paint . It's just a crappy plywood floor .... but this paint made it look great . But it did get dirty , so I'm moving all my junk and going slowly, and painting the room again . It feels so good ..... clean is good .
so I paint an area , make a doll , make dinner , paint an area , eat too much , make a doll etc.
I hope tomorrow is cool . I am not a fan of summer . or cheerful sunshine . It's too much , I mean really ..... overcast gloomy is more my style .


Carole Reid said...

Hi Sandy. Your painting schedule sounds similar to mine! Your dolls are cute for sure!
I was reading an Raw Vision Magazine and saw the name Sandy Mastroni in a show announcement and I am wondering if are the same Sandy Mastroni?
Too much cheerful, especially hot, sun makes me cranky. I like rain, ferns, and moss!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Carole !
Yes ..... I've had my paintings published in Raw Vision magazine
it was very exciting . I was happy
sadly two galleries I was in closed . [ so depressing ]
and two downsized . oh well

glad to know someone else likes rain

canngil said...

how cool! What color are you painting it? is is just regular paint???

Marguerite (Tina) Smith Hart said...

What a sweet little fella Sandy. It is always a pleasure to stop by and see the citizens of your very interesting world! Have a wonderfully creative day!
Tina xo

Sandy Mastroni said...

the paint I used on the floor is deck paint
in a really pretty soft blue green
It's nice paint

and thank you Tina !!!!

Georgina said...

Sandy, then you'd hate where I the desert Southwest!! LOL It's always sunny and right now, HOT!!! I too am not a fan of the heat, but I love the sun.

I will be going into the studio today to work on some dolls...haven't made them in a while and missing those little faces talking to me and guiding me through the process.

Have a great day.


Janine said...

Love your kitties! Will we get to see your new floor?

yoborobo said...

Those kitties are so cute! I can't decide what to make, so I am currently waffling back and forth and not getting anything done. ;) We have sunshine and very little heat today, so I am a happy camper. xox Pam

Robin Kent said...

Wow We really do have a lot in common! Maybe it's because we all think in similar terms? I like rainy days the best. Soothing for my nerves and easy on my eyes (bright sun gives me a headache from my pupils slamming shut!) I agree with Carole about ferns and moss too.
My bathroom (and soon to be kitchen floor) are a greyed blue/green.