Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art doll in progress

I always forget to take a photo or two of a doll in progress [ because I'm usually so engrossed in creating ] click to enlarge to see this doll and the mess .

Things have been busy here lately at my house .
Remember how I had been complaining about being overwhelmed ? I think I was overwhelmed and depressed .
So I have been praying about this and the Lord answered my prayer

I was upset because my house was a mess , not just messy ... but a mess . We live in an old cape built in 1940 . and things were getting bad.
SO we had ' Electrician Boy' here and he replaced some very scary electrical outlets .
Mister Tub is coming next week to reglaze our pitted and stained old bathtub.
The plumber replaced some ancient faucets that weren't working .
and some other things need attention too .
anyway ....
This was my prayer . I needed help , and God heard and answered

so... this is wonderful [ annoying to have strangers in my house though ]
but I haven't been able to work too much and I miss working and creating !
I can't wait to get back to the dolls , and I'm looking forward to painting a room , painting some of my old tag sale furniture , maybe make more curtains from my old embroidered tablecloths .

I'm looking forward to blogging more too
I can't wait to get back to normal [ my kind of normal ]
I don't know how some of you do it ... I mean find time to create ..... with kids and big families and running around . I need big blocks of time to create [ with few interruptions ! ]

so I hope everything is going well with you
and remember to thank and praise God everyday !
because He loves you and cares about you


tina kirk said...

God is Great!Glad things are looking up!

Carole said...

It sounds busy at your place! Isn't it wonderful when things get done around the house. Tomorrow out basement gets ripped up and electrical work started.

I'm loving your new doll! You make such wonderful faces.

yoborobo said...

Sandy - I know that overwhelmed feeling very well. I hope you get a big block of time to make more dolls soon. Your work area is so TIDY! Mine is total chaos. Maybe I'll work on that today! :) xox Pam

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so glad that you are receiving some help! I know how it is to feel like NOTHING works right around your home. My house was built in the 1930's and only recently have I had some repairs.
It's such a big relief to be able to exhale and know that your house isn't going to completely fall apart. I love your newest creation, but then I adore everything you do. I wish you some quiet time, I know it's hard to come by!
XOXO - Cindi

Amber Leilani said...

things have been the same here, sandy... never enough time to do everything and very little of it to create. i too am hoping to get back to my kind of normal soon...

loving the new doll! but they are always fabulous!!!

Susan Hopkirk Artworks said...

I'm so glad you are getting some kind of normal back into your life, now if you could just send that prayer my way - to the land of chaos - it would be much appreciated! Take care my friend. XO ~ Susan

p.s. The doll is beautiful...your faces are so intense (must be the pencils) and at the same time have a wonderful sweetness about them - scowls and all!

NanaBeast said...

Oh, to have a complexion like your art doll here! Clever woman that you are - look how you keep your large spool of heavy thread still so you can just pull off what you need. LOVE your donkey pin cushion.

As you know I've been in the rock bottom of depression for the past 3 and half years. As of last month I am definitely coming out of it! But the repairs to my falling apart house are behind the repairs to my mouth and body. I am bracing myself for the $2,300 of work that needs to be done on my teeth over the course of the coming months. Thank God we have a great payment plan (no insurance.) God lead me to a fantastic dentist.

PRAISE HIM, indeed. So glad to hear you are doing better too!

Cindy Jerrell said...

So glad to hear your voice! I am glad you are starting to feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new girl and I LOVE the kitty sitting behind her on the shelf! Siamezee! Be good to yourself.

the mixie pixie said...

Oh, Sandy, she is so-o-o-o adorable! Thank you for sharing a bit of your process ( :

Robin Kent said...

It's hard when you have energy but not in the right place to create-like an itch you can't scratch. Everything goes better when the creative flow is right.

Glad you got your creative faucet open now.

And it does feel good when a room gets pampered. Gives a new feeling to an old place. (And I think the house appreciates it, too!)

Lydia said...

Maybe it was 'in the stars', because a lot of people have been feeling that way!

I know that my home's mess has been bothering me too. My son thinks that I should 'not let it bother me' in order to feel less stress...and can't understand why I would ask for his help w/the little things.

Love the doll. Wish I felt the ability to take time to create. Argh!

Glad to hear that you are feeling better, and getting things done.

Ellen said...

I couldn't get by without God...He helps me with all I make and do.I live in a very small simple home in the middle of the fields...
lots needs to be done both inside and out, but there is just me and my two 15 year old cats here now...I live in a "make-do-and-mend" way,and think it's great when some job or improvement does get done x