Tuesday, April 26, 2011

art doll .... finished and in my shop....sold

Finished the doll . She's in my shop . Tomorrow { Wednesday } ...Mister TUB is coming here to reglaze our beat up old bath tub.
I've never even seen a reglazed tub ..... Have you ?
I hope it comes out well !!! I'll let you know .
Have a good Wednesday !


Carole said...

Awww she is sweet and looks in need of some hugs!

Yes I have seen a couple of beautifully refinished tubs. Lucky you!

Cindi Myers said...

love your doll!
I don't know what reglaze is? I guess I'll Gooogle it.
Is it the inside of the tub or the outside?
I have a clawfoot that needs it on the outside!
I hope you post photos! :)
:) - Cindi

Cathy said...

She is beautiful Sandy. Her face is quite transluscent. I hope the tub is beautifully finished and that you are overjoyed with it.

Robin Kent said...

Yes, very sweet and could use someone to comfort her. I know she'll find the right person.

How neat to have a new old tub. My cousin's boyfriend had a business doing that. They used to reglaze other solid things as well for their own fun...an art form with many uses.

Lydia said...

Yes, my sister & hubby reglazed their tub. Nice, new looking, and shiny:)

Diane Hoeptner said...

She's wonderful, I especially like the hair!