Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm a little annoyed , frustrated that I can't seem to get my house clean .
There's still piles everywhere and I'm really mad at myself
I took a break and went to You Tube
Listening and watching >
Fleet Foxes - - - White Winter Hymnal
and then
did you ever watch the black cab sessions ?
look up
Black Cab sessions Fleet Foxes
Their version of Crayon Angels is so good
sung in the back seat of a cab in England
wish I knew how to post videos


Rainey J. Dillon said...

mm I don't know HOW some people have their homes tidy and together all the's mad! I loathe housework but I love a tidy fresh house..dilemna-what to DO? One can spend too much time cleaning and sorting dishes & clothes, floors and dusting things,spraying this and spraying that only to have to begin ALL OVER AGAIN! So I suppose the best solution is to watch UTube lol
Rainey said...

Is that clown named Housework? That sounds about right. Annoying for sure!

Janine said...

Another wonderful piece!

Mary Bullock said...

When I lived in the South, I was amazed at now neat and clean everyone's house looked - then I discovered their secret!! They all have cleaning ladies that come in and do their cleaning. Then I didn't feel so bad about my clutter.

Priti Lisa said...

I say: Why do you have to clean it up...whoever stacked the piles should have to un-stack them. Who died and made you the slave? Oh, the evil gremlins, how I hate them!
They have been to my house several times this month alone. Never to clean. Sometimes they only scrape burnt toast crumbs on the floor. I've gotten used to the noise that makes...

Cindi Myers said...

I laughing so hard because I actually took a vacation day off tomorrow just to clean house and finish up my garden! (I'm including the weekend too!)
I have a friend who works fulltime, has a part-time job, cleans someone elses house every other Sunday morning and she has a spotless house and MONTHLY menu plans (I'm dead serious!)and you know what she said to me the other day? "I wish I had time to paint"
sigh, maybe it's one or the that case I'm so GLAD you picked the other! tee hee

Cathy said...

I love Fleet Foxes White Winter Hymnal Sandy so I will check out what you suggest. I have been cleaning my room for about two weeks now and it is only half done (and no it is not big - quite small really).

suze said...

I feel your frustration. I am putting my house on the market this week and will have to keep everything in spotless order. And we are downsizing to a smaller home and I have all this stuff!!! Bins and bins of it and trying to part with some.

Unknown said...

I'm annoyed by all the cleaning my house demands also! Dang it! I try and spend Mondays cleaning so that I can play the rest of the week.

canngil said...

where are you, girl?? long time no post!