Monday, May 24, 2010

Cleaning update

click to enlarge if you want to see my junk !
Here's Jerry helping with the clean up
because husband Michael is so not into helping me clean up my mess .
Today [ Monday ] I will make my fourth trip to the dump !
I will not stop ! Actually I made June 1 st my date to stop cleaning .
A lot of my old frames got wrecked in the basement ....I still have a ton of good frames though .
Maybe tomorrow I'll take photos of the basement [ it's still such a mess !!! ]. I can't believe I let this happen .
It's okay , it's okay .... I will not hate myself for letting this happen .
Why haven't I lost any weight ?
up and down the stairs , my body aches and I'm still fat ! ha ha
okay > see ya tomorrow !


canngil said...

looks like some cool stash there! Have you seen those benches made out of headboards? you could make a couple of very pretty, very unique chairs out of those. Come check my blog to see the pretty flowers I have blooming right now. Proudest over the sweet peas that are blooming like crazy now. they smell so wonderful!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Hey, you're doing it! I'm still sitting around waiting for the junk elves to come do it for me! Go, Sandy, go Sandy....

Diane Hoeptner said...

Ditto what Elizabeth said: Go Sandy, go! I need to do the same before my various "collections" get outta hand!!

Mary Bullock said...

You're taking all those goodies to the dump!! Bring them to my house!

Lydia said... Kenny

Theresa said... really are clear out aren't you. I wish I could just do my normal house cleaning...but my mine me wont let me do much...LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy! From one pack rat to another - so what! My niece once told me she was fat (she isn't) and I told her - just own it! I'm fat, so what! I'm happy! It made her smile.
Big hug,

sMacThoughts said...

Good lord, you have some NICE junk there, Sandy. I think you should give the address to this junkyard of yours so we can go fetch us some goodies. ;)

Cindi Myers said...

Just thinking about you! I haven't seen a post in the last couple of days and I was worried that some "STUFF" had fallen on you and you couldn't get up! LOL!
AND I'm stopping by to say I just hit my 100th post on my blog! And I'm celebrating it with my first ever giveaway! Stop by if you have time!

Cathy said...

I like the green louvred door Sandy. If I was having a clear out of your stuff I would be finding things I could use and back they would go..haha.

suze said...

Hey did you read that last post?
I feel your pain...I am de stashing also. And the steps thing...I have not lost any weight either.
I lost it on Sunday, my DH came out and told me I couldn't possibly use all the fabric I was planning on keeping. I took it as I wouldn't live that long and it made me sad. Then I really started heaving stuff!!
I have those shutters hanging above my bed instead of a headboard...saved from my niece's trash...another man's trash.......

Unknown said...

Is that a Winchell Mahoney ventrilequist doll?

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks everybody !
and YES Frank > that is Paul WInchell's JERRY

Unknown said...

I hope you did not throw it away ?

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh NO Frank ...... Jerry is my friend
if you look in my past posts he shows up a lot > usually when I do a give away