Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Willow .... pillow

Thanks for writing to me about Twitter and Facebook ..... I know now why I have a hard time with both .

I'm not good at small talk , chit chat ... like " How are you , nice day " etc
When someone says to me ... how are you .... I want to tell them weird things they don't want to know ! I can be a little intense .

anyway ... if you are on either................... my friend ? [ a line from "The Godfather " ]

and so now
here is a new pillow ...............................
I named her " Little Willow "
I am a BIG fan of The Beatles and that includes Paul McCartney . Little WIllow is one of his songs which of course I love .
and I like the sound of ............................... Little Willow pillow .
in my shop


Janine said...

My goodness you sound just like me Sandy! I was on facebook and then quit, I am not good with the chit chat and jokes so enough for me! I too tend to get intense and it seems to be too much for many so I just keep to myself!

Oh I love this new pillow! Can't wait for the one I ordered to arrive!

NanaBeast said...

I love this little girl. She looks like she will be more comfortable when she grows up and is just biding her time until then. I believe her to be sweet, yet sophisticated. Wow. Listen to me.

Lovely pillow.

Janine said...

OMG! Sandy, I just received my cat with the red hat pillow and WOW! It is so wonderful and the extras you sent what a gal! Your work is even better in person! I can't wait to frame them! I plan to treat myself to another pillow when my birthday comes around and then some! I am just going now to stare at these wonderful works of art! I plan to show them on my blog tomorrow!

Thank you so much!

Priti Lisa said...

Little Willow looks somehow familiar...I think she was in my kindergarden class...I love her.

For a few seconds I thought I would join facebook, just to be friends with you. That was a ridiculous thought. I won't even answer my cell phone, in fact it's been dead for a few days. I just don't see the need. Then again, I was the last person I know to get a computer, so I guess I'm talking out my ass as usual.
Love to you my friend