Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I love The Stratford Antique Center....click photo to enlarge

Do you love old things ????

I went to The Stratford Antique Center in between going to the Post Office and Rite Aid .
I bought this metal dust pan with the crimped edges and the beautiful green color , it says Everlast and it is HEAVY .
and the lamb .... I had a rubber lamb JUST like this one when I was a baby . I remember it very well . Do you remember any of your baby toys ?
This lamb has Akron Ohio stamped on it .
and the scissors.... I picked them up and I HAD to buy them because of the SOUND they made . These heavy scissors made a squeaky metal against metal sound .... it reminded me of my mother .... ha ha . ANd the dust pan reminded me of my Uncle Matty .
I didn't spend a lot ... I think $24.00
GOOD old stuff made in the good old U.S.A.
These things will last another 100 years

CLICK to enlarge the photo

If you ever come through Connecticut ... stop at this antique center . Call me ... I'll meet you there and then you can come to my house for tea !


Janine said...

Sandy, it sounds as if you had a fun day! I do remember a doll I had when I was about 6 yo. It was by American Character or something like that she was called Toodles...oh I am getting old.

Susan said...

I love stuff like this. I have my Mom's old scissors and I remember the sound that they made against the kitchen table when she was cutting out a pattern. (Of course, I can barely remember what happened yesterday, but you know how that is)

sMacThoughts said...

There were SO many rubber manufacturers in Ohio... particularly Akron. Two I can think of which made the toys are Sun and Rempel. (latter not in Akron) Good choices... love what you got!

Mary Bullock said...

I remember my "Tiny Tears" doll = her hair was made out of sheep skin. I loved her!

Priti Lisa said...

Lambikins. I pronounced the B. I could read at 3 and that was her name...she was stuffed and dead by now, I imagine.

suze said...

Yes, I remember because I still have some of it. Got my first Stieff bear at 5 and still have him.
Call me crazy but I absolutely love that dust pan.
It's sad that nothing is made in the good old USA anymore.
Would love to meet you there!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

That's the prettiest dustpan I've ever seen. What a great trio of treasures. I could spend my life wandering through places like that!

Lydia said...

I sold this dustpan in one of my antique shops about 6-7 yrs. ago- hahaha

Unknown said...

The lamb reminds me of my mum. Years ago we were at an antique shop in BC Canada when she came across a rubber lamb. She recalled having the very same lamb when she was little and that her's had a crack in the rubber. When she turned the antique shop lamb upside down low and behold, the VERY same crack! It was her old lamb! Believe it or not she didn't buy it and the next day when she regretted not purchasing the toy she returned to the shop to find it had been snatched up by someone else. Now everytime I see one of these lambs I immediatly turn it over and look for a crack in the rubber :)