Friday, June 5, 2009

Library Book sale

This morning I went to a library book sale .
Oh .......... what's better than a book sale ?
I got the movie star books [ only one dollar each ]
and I have never read anything by Ayn Rand .
I wanted Atlas Shrugged .... but it wasn't there .
I've read Thomas Hardy books ..... loved Tess of the d'Urbervilles and the Woodlanders .
I love the classics .
never knew about Under the Greenwood Tree .
and lately I am wanting to read about our country .
I also got an old leather bound Bible ... beautiful book .
so I am excited about all the books I got today !
more than this ..... but I just photographed these few. .
I've been away and busy > getting ready for a show at Beverly Kaye's gallery . It's this weekend .
My shop is a little empty
so I'd better go get busy !
Have a great weekend .


Theresa said...

Good luck at the gallery show this weekend. I have my fingers crossed that you'll do well. :)



Lydia said...


What great finds! I recently discovered a 'booksavers' book store. What fun. Got some great old books to be inspired from the artwork. Talking late 1800's...and dirt cheap.

I recently took out Atlas Shrugged also, however I had quite a few other books with it, so I'll have to get it again later.

I love non-fiction and also have wanted to read more about our country. There's so much they don't teach in our schools.Went to the Common Sense Comedy Show movie last night. Hubby said in my sleep that my face looked great. I said it was from all the laughing I'd done.:D

Lydia said...

ps-I read and loved Tess of the d'Urbervilles(sp?) in junior high, I believe. Can't remember it now, but remembered how it took me away to another time. Lovely.

...used to read 200-300 books a year in elementary school alone...

Susan said...

I just started Atlas Shrugged this week, it is wonderfully written. I have put all other reading (except your blog) on hold until I finish it. These were great finds. Hope the show goes well. Enjoy the weekend. Susan

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Theresa ! I hope I do well too ... ha ha
Lydia > Wonderful that you went to The Common Sense show !
and I would love to talk with you ... wondering what books you read !
Susan > I hope I'll get to Atlas Shrugged soon !

jackieb said...

I just love reading auto biographies of movie stars. You got some good ones there. Just popped in from another blog, love you art.


Oh how exciting! Looks like you struck gold! :)

Cathy said...

These are your sort of faces Sandy. Very elegantly beautiful with a hint of mystery about them. Good luck with all the book reading. You can never have too many books I say..ha ha. Love Harry and Houdini too. I like the uncoloured version best though.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh how fun sandy!
i love library book sales! you found great books!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous - I love books! Recently bought a Kindle. Love it. There is still nothing like holding a real book.

Good luck at the show! All will be sold (power of positive thinking). Dream about it.

big hug, Deborah

NanaBeast said...

Okay, so I come here every day to see scrumdillicious new ART and now I know you're just READING!!!

Of course, that's all I did yesterday. And the day before.


Linda O'Neill said...

Great book finds. Ooooh I wish I could come to your Beverly Kaye Gallery Show!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh I love all three of those women. Talk about glamor!

Your cat is too cute. She looks ready to dance.