Sunday, April 12, 2009

For Etsy

Hi !!!!
I hope you had a lovely Easter day !

I put five new things in my etsy shop
[ showing the four here and also the google eyes girl pillow from the last post]

check out my shop when you have a moment !
I like my little Mr. Business Man cat .
Maybe this would be a good father's day gift ????
Bye !
just sold > Mr Business cat


Rebecca Ramsey said...

I LOVE this guy!
And how I love etsy. A few clicks and he's mine!

Thank you Sandy!

Sandy Mastroni said...


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!

oh i love them all photographed together!


Theresa said...

They're all great Sandy!!! :)



FancyPants-design said...

Oh my. These are so so cute!! What a great idea making your art into pillows. love it!

Linda O'Neill said...

Your pillows are THE BEST, Sandy!

Susan said...

Love Mr. Business Man cat. You are so talented. By the way, did Jerry enjoy Easter? Does he get a basket? Just wondering. Hugs, Susan

Ronnie said...

Morning Sandy. Just checking my regulars and looks like Junker Jane is in a little distress. Thought you'd want to know.
later gator.

Anonymous said...

very cute! and already sold! awesome. big hug, deborah. p.s. i love cat head on a stick, now has a body. cute cute cute.