Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tuxedo Black and white cat hanging mobile with red heart

More new things in my Etsy shop
Please visit and you can see this cat there
Happy Sunday !

OOPS it JUST sold
Thank you Rachel !

you can still see it on my sold page on Etsy
maybe I will make another soon


Archie and Melissa said...

oh my goodness! i love that painting! no wonder it sold so is wonderful!

Girl-hen said...

hi Cousin Sandy-

i miss you terribly! happy happy new year. i can just see you out in the snow playing with dolls teehee. my new year's "revolution" is to put some stuff i make up on a blog. better late than never right? i love you. karen

Theresa said...

He's so incredible Sandy!!! I'm not surprised he sold right away. :)



Ronnie said...

Man, you are on a roll. Love the Prince Albert can and a whole lot of other stuff. I added a link to you on my post today and would love to have you come look at my latest creation.
So, take a break from the saw and the inktense and come on over.

Cathy said...

Love the kitty Sandy. I am sure he has gone to a very good home. Very similar expression to the lovely one I won and treasure. Your little girl clock is great too. What a great post on Diana's blog about you. So nice of her. There are some really lovely people in blogland.