Monday, January 5, 2009

a Boy and his Rabbit

Taking a break from

here's a drawing of mine .
I put it on Etsy as a print .

Have a great MONDAY !
the NEW year is HERE !!!


Anonymous said...

After all this, there is only one thing to say: Have reverence for God, and obey his commands, because this is all that we were created for. ECCLESIASTES 12:13 TEV

Diana said...

OMG. I think this print is mine. This is why I shouldn't visit your blog. :) I always want what you've got.

I love your art. And the bonus is that I love you, too! You're so awesome.

This would be great in Felix's room.

My mom LOVED her clock! The little girl clock. It's in her office. My aunt hasn't opened her present yet, because she will be coming to OR to visit soon.

The framed print of the two world traveling clowns is in my bathroom, loved by all who view it!

I love the doll you're working on. I was wondering if you'd be interested in an information exchange? Let's talk about it in private, but in case I forget please nudge me.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi sandy!
i just love everything you create!

Dixie Redmond said...

This is such a wonderful drawing - - your work is always so evocative.

Cathy said...

Lovely image as always Sandy. There is such a great retro feel to your work. Good luck with the doll.

Archie and Melissa said...

oh my goodness sandy! my 2 parakeet magnets just arrived and they are perfect!

i just love them! thank you so much sandy!

i love them and the crabby kitty. i know how special he is to you.


cathychhetri said...

I absolutely love this drawing, especially since he's wearing a pair of your old shoes.....

Beverly Kaye said...

I have just gotten a moment to catch my breath from the NY show and I see I have missed so much that is wonderful on your site! This little boy and his rabbit deserve a book to be written about them!
I can assure anyone thinking about purchasing any of your work that they will be thrilled to receive art that is even better than it appears on-line. You ROCK!