Friday, March 14, 2008


I'll be back soon .... I think I'm depressed or exhausted or overwhelmed of those . I'm tired . It's 7:30 pm I'm going to bed with Buddy . [ my cat ]

I think I've been working too hard . trying to paint a masterpiece [ ha ha ] See ya soon


Theresa said...

I hope you feel better well :)

Big Bear Hugs,


Annie Beez said...

Sleep well Sandy! See ya soon!

j. hart photography said...

i'm coming to your blog because you commented on mine... you saw me on etsy? why didn't i see YOU?? i love your artwork! i added you to my favorites. obviously we're having the same kind of "day".

Sandy Mastroni said...

thank you guys .... my bloggerette friends .
When I get sick .... all negative thoughts flood in . Like what the heck am I doing with my life !
but thank you for your kind words