Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stratford Antique Center

Today I went
to Stratford
Center and
these are some
things I bought
this place!
in Stratford
Connecticut !

This is how
I decorate
my house

This photo is the
top of my bookcase
in my
living room.

My husband Michael has not noticed ' Jerry ' yet . It might take him a few days ! There's so
much weird stuff around here ....... he won't notice right away .


BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

"Shabby Weird" - I love that!!!

Thank you for the "tag" (I need to get 'er done!) ~ your post on my BLAHg today reminded me to get to TAGging some pals -- I am behinder and behinder, but am WEATHERING a big ole snowstorm so, I am officially going nowhere and can get to it this weekend!

I am so glad we met on the incredible world of ETSY - yay!

YOUR ART ROCKS the casbah - xo

joy in the journey,
psalm 46


Sandy Mastroni said...

It's a lot of work to be tagged ! so I am glad you're not mad at me .
but it also was fun , so I hope you get to it !

Yes .... shabby weird popped into my head , although it sounds so good , it's probably a term out there already. Either way it does fit me . My whole house is tag sale stuff and my work is EVERYWHERE . there are a lot of beady little eyes looking at me .

I think your work and your blog are great . I'll visit a lot !

acaligurl said...

i love weird! & shabby weird is clever sandy.
um jerry kinda scares me though!
happy weekend.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Kelly ..... I haven't made any small items yet . I haven't forgotten you .... just been busy with other things . One of these days I'll surprise you