Sunday, March 16, 2008

Carnival Art painting

I am feeling just a little better . Still tired though.
and feeling dark . so I am back into carnival freaks.
maybe because my head feels like this girl's head.
and maybe because my cousin Karen gave me a new book on freaks. Did you ever see the movie "Freaks" ?
It's a classic . I also watched "Carnival of Souls ' for the thousandth time this week . Click to enlarge . I might have to go back in to this .... fix up some things ... but I'm TOO TIRED . What's wrong with me ? Is this a type of March flu ? Or is it because sales are slow now ? or is it because my house is a mess and I'm fat .


Theresa said...

I have seen the classic black and white movie "Freaks". I found it very interesting... but then again I LOVE old black and white movies. You really do sound like your in a slump my friend... my guess is it's the weather and slow sales. Things will get better... honest the economy is just a little funky at this point.

Big Bear Hugs,


Annie Beez said...

I love this in an odd disturbing way! Love the little old lady in the front. I swear I had about 157 Aunts that looked just like her-big ole farm ladies-you know? And you are not FAT! You are beautiful!
The best thing about slumps is coming out of them-it will happen and you will feel great!

Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

I too have the blahs! I think it's the end of winter blues....but spring is near, cheer up! I love the new painting, it made me smile:) Thanks Sandy.

Sandy Mastroni said...

I love all your comments ! thanks.
I finally decided I have a cold on top of the blahs.
Annie- As I stood looking at my canvas wondering what to paint... I saw a photo of this lady on the newspaper I keep on my table to protect it . A sweet old lady on the obituary page.
a disturbing odd tribute to
I sort of like being moody but I don't like when I beat myself up for it .
glad I have you three faithful friends.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Josephine .... I hope she doesn't mind

girlhen said...

Sandy - i love your freak paintings. keep going! freaks like us need you. that bird on head reminds me of something my son told me once: " there's a bunny on your head, and he's EATING your HAIR!!"

xoxoxoxoxo your kissing cousin

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hey girlhen Karen .... your son's comment SCREAMS to be painted !
and thank you again for the freaks book ... it has inspired me to go through all the old drawings I have
and finish them !and create new ones !
to any readers;
Karen bought the book for me at the P.T. Barnum museum in Bridgeport Ct....AND she made me a freaky little bird, which I will try to photograph and post soon

Annie Beez said...

I'm giving you the "You Make My Day" award. You inspire me! To collect your award, go to my blog at:

Sandy Mastroni said...

i'm just checking for my avatar

Gerushia's New World said...


Have you ever read "Geek Love"?

Gerushia's New World