Friday, February 22, 2008

OH ......I love this cat

This is MY boy, Buddy.
He is my only boy . I have
three other cats...[ girls ] .

I love this cat so much.
I am amazed that I got this photo . He doesn't
like the camera . He likes stretching in the bath tub, drinking water from the
faucet . cat nip and cuddling with me . He also likes looking at things on the ceiling....
things I can't see .
His real sister is Holly. Holly is my husband's favorite .but Holly doesn't like to be
photographed either . Maybe someday you'll
get to meet Holly.


Annie Beez said...

He is gorgeous! What a beautiful cat!

Theresa said...

He looks so much like our Ralph...he's beautiful Sandy. I'm so glad he let you take his photo. Can't wait to see Holly girl... I bet she's just as adorable as he is. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

This is the most intelligent I've ever seen him look ! He is beautiful in a goofy way.He also licks my face too much and purrs too loudly .
Holly hides when she sees the camera . I'll get her one of these days .