Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Moon over Naomi

Sometimes ....
when I look at
a painting of mine
[ a few days later ]

I wonder.....

WHAT was I
thinking ?!!!!
this come from ?

I don't understand
where the ideas come from
JUST start painting!
and see what
happens !

This is big ,
a 30 x 40

It was fun. Working big is fun. This painting is on it's way to
Cavalier Galleries on Nantucket . [ Mass. ]


Annie Beez said...

I love love love them all! And wow, that one is big! Looks like fun, is it a wrapped canvas? I bet they are happy to be going to Nantucket-I love Nantucket!

Sandy Mastroni said...

No Annie I have to get it framed.
which will cost a fortune .
and then a fortune to ship it .
and then hope it sells .
Maybe there is a Naomi in Nantucket and she will buy it !