Wednesday, July 27, 2016

new art dolls , Sandy Mastroni , cats and rabbits !

 This is Otis ........ black cat , arms and tail are sewn in by hand
He is $38.00

 This is Stella and Matthew..... This couple wants to stay together .... the set is $74.00

*** update *** Stella and Matthew have sold

 This is Annie , lots of little stitches and I made her a fabric flower { which can be removed }
She is $48.00

This is Stacia
She is $48.00
DON"T forget to click the photo to see them larger !


angelique said...

Oh, Sandy, have I got a tale for you. (Maybe a little spooky music here.) I dropped by to see what you made this week, and I had to have little Otis. I shot over to your Etsy store, which I have done many times before, but this time the doll was not sold! I knew I must be meant to buy him. The interesting thing is that my brother's 17-year-old black cat passed away in his arms last week. The little guy's name was Otis! Your little Otis will be going to my brother for his birthday next month--a perfect little memorial for his runty little friend.

BTW, I had to get myself a little cat doll too while I was there. I have wanted one of your cats for years now.

The little bunnies you posted are also adorable. You have included so many details in their old-fashioned clothes! And they look so sweet with the little flowers.

Sandy Mastroni said...

wow .... I'm going to write to you on Etsy