Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy weird guy , by Sandy Mastroni

so .... I made this happy little weird guy doll a few days ago , He made me happy so I decided to draw him , and make a shadow box of the drawing .  I will be adding these two { the doll and the shadow box to my Etsy shop soon } ..... or maybe Melissa will want one or the other { or both } .... we'll see what she thinks first


filasophie said...

Hello from Germany :) Ohhh I love him and the cute expression of the cats face!!
Glad that I've found your website while scrolling through the internet... Your art is absolutely outstanding and I love the expression of your whimsical figurines! Hihi - I don' t know if they are a bit scary or just cute ;) But finally they are adorable! Looking forward to seeing and reading more of you and your art! Happy crafting, Sophie from

Sandy Mastroni said...

Dear Sophie !!! ........ thank you SO much , I am so happy to meet you . I looked at your blog and Etsy shop .... you make WONDERFUL things , it's nice to connect with another artist
I am on Face book too ..... I seem to neglect my blog , it's so much easier to post on Pinterest , or Flickr or face book
Thank you again for visiting and for your comments { ha ha ..... funny .... I know , sometimes they are scary , hopefully even the scary ones make people laugh .].......Thanks again