Tuesday, July 14, 2015

new little monster doll { for etsy ... sold , going to ENGLAND }

I'm making a new line of dolls , they still look sort of the same { I mean my style } and yet there's something different , I needed a new look ...... to get me excited and motivated .  This guy's name is Carl , I had to see if anyone would like him , so I put him in my Etsy shop , and he sold right away { thank God .... and thank you Stuart in England } ........ I have eight new dolls completed , but I HAVE to keep three of them for ME ...... I think they're pretty funny , so I will be posting them here on my blog VERY soon , I just want to keep making these { in between special orders and laundry and cooking and all that }......... thanks for visiting !


jenclair said...

:) A lovable little monster!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks so much !!!!!!