Monday, May 18, 2015

My cat Buddy { in my studio }

I cleared up the mess on my table so I could get to work and make a new mess , I turned around , came back and there ..... was .... Buddy !

" Buddy , I have to get to work . Could you find another place to sit ? Go look out the window , go bother your sister { Holly } "

 No ..... this is good , I'll just stay here

This is a good spot

" Well , I have to move you , I will put you in my bed , make a tent for you , a nice spot to take a nap "

and then .... that sad sad face

This is Buddy . He's with me ALL the time .  Some cats are the best , most lovable , sweetest cats ..... Buddy is one of the best { ever }
If you ever thought about getting a cat ............ get a cat ...... now . today .... ha ha


angelique said...

Buddy is quite handsome. He seems the perfect muse for an artist who makes the cutest cat faces anywhere.

Ayala Art said...

He is so cute! He looks a bit like my kitty... I love cats ♥ Xo)

Sandy Mastroni said...

aw.... thank you both
I love cats , all cats , even the crabby ones

Paper rainbow said...

My goodness!! Your cat is the twin of mine!!! Murfhy says hi to Buddy!!!! ;)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Murfhy !!!!

Jeanne Muro said...

Buddy is adorable - the generous white collar and dainty white muzzle ending in a sliver of a blaze. Who could resist his company? He reminds me of my all-time favorite cat Norman who always answered me when I called him.