Monday, January 19, 2015

YIPES STRIPES .....Penny Patricia and Peaches art dolls

 This is Penny ... she's the first yipes stripes girl that I made a few years ago . She is 10 1/2 inches tall

 This is Patricia . She's a little bit bigger .... she's 12 inches tall

 This is Peaches .... she is 11 inches tall
 so here are Penny .... Patricia in the middle .... and finally Peaches
this is Patricia , Penny and Peaches

These are for Holly to look at ... she wants one , I hope she likes one !!!!
Do you remember this old TV commercial Jingle ... Yipes Stripes Beechnuts got 'em
Yipes Stripes .... Beechnut Gum
Yipes Stripes 5 different flavors ... and I don't remember the last line
have a good day .... which one is your favorite ?  which one will Holly choose ???? { I think she will want Penny }


Holly said...

Holly loves them all! Very much!
What a great grouchy trio!

Holly ended up adopting Patricia and Patty. She thinks they may be twins!--not absolutely identical but close. Love them!!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

ha ha
Thank you Holly

Holly said...

Holly meant to say that she adopted Patricia and Peaches.

Oh dear!--Dear Peaches, I promise not to call you Patty!

barbara@sparrowavenue said...

can't think of the best adjective; however, I totally agree with Holly