Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Monster puppet art doll , Etsy shop , by Sandy Mastroni.....sold

This is Emilio .... a monster puppet art doll ........ in my Etsy shop *** update> sold ****


lizmaynz said...

Hi Sandy my name is Pauline from New Zealand I just want to ask.
When you paint on the canvas what kind of paint do you use I've only used fabric pens on and off over the years. I luv your work and want to have a go at making my own wee doll if that's ok with you :D

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Pauline !
I use thinned acrylics , ink and Derwent Inktense pencils { with water } Inktense pencils are so much fun on fabric
Have fun with your dolls
and thank you for your compliments !!!