Sunday, May 25, 2014

art dolls for Etsy

New dolls in my etsy SHOP
I was thinking today ... my house is so weird , what would I do if we HAD to sell it , what would a realtor say . There is no normal room in my house . Every wall has something strange and unusual , which is how I like it .......well , I can't worry about this , I have to go now and make another doll . Have a great day ..... !

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Cindi Myers said...

Love all the dolls but then I love everything you create.
I still have not decided between a couple of colors as to what to paint some of the rooms in my home.
When I was so mad at my neighbors and thought about selling, I knew immediately which colors to choose.
I guess that's the problem.
I'm torn between what I like and what's popular.
If you ever did sell, I would LOVE to go to your Open House! LOL!