Wednesday, March 12, 2014

creepy clown art

 I have a story to tell you .... or ... actually ,,,,, really a question .... why are artists NUTS ???? why am I NUTS ???
Today .... I painted a clown face on MDF board { with acrylics and Inktense } ,[ which took me all day to paint ] ...... then I cut it out on my saw , took photos , put it on Etsy ..... the clown above is the clown I put on Etsy
So I looked at it all day , and decided I didn't like him
SO ...... after dinner , just now .... I took him off of Etsy , and then without even thinking ..... I grabbed him off the wall , and totally repainted him
this is the repainted clown .......

I like THIS one much more ...... He reminds me  of a guy in an old horror movie .... Carnival of Souls { movie STILL creeps me out } You have to see this movie , it's so good
anyway ... now I like THIS clown so much more that I don't want to sell him .... yet
this is why artists have no money . when people wonder what I do all the time { where is SHE ? , does she EVER go out ? }
yes dear neighbors and friends ... this is what I do
and I DO think I am nuts ... a very weird , very odd ..... old cat lady artist


Anita said...

YES...If you need confirmation, you are nuts! The first clown was amazing. If you had called me I would have told you to leave it on etsy as is and just paint another...The other one is also could have sold the one you didn't like and kept the one you like. My son is an artist so I sort of understand...sigh

Priti Lisa said...

I do this same kind of shit all of the time Sandy! Then, when I love it so much, I don't want to sell, lol.
I saw a friend at the grocery store the other day and she said"what are you doing out of the house?"
it's ok.
♥ ♥ ♥

Sue said...

Sandy, Your art is genius! As hard it is to believe, I think your first clown was beautiful in a scary way. The vibrant blue, purple, red, gold and black all playing so wonderfully. Your blending I do so admire! The second clown is very wonderfully intense. Whew! Wow! It has caught me admiring the first clown. Wants to know... what are you looking at!!! Takes two fingers points to his eyes, then at my eyes. Says to me "I'm keeping my eyes on you sister!" LOL! I agree with Anita in making two, but at least you have a great photo of the first one.

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks you guys ..... Anita thank you ... ha ha .... It's true , I am nuts ! Your son is an artist .{ cool } .... Lisa , I often paint over things but THIS time it was like I was possessed ... I grabbed it violently , off the wall and repainted
but I guess you're right .... I could have just made another , but .... that's where the nutty comes in , I don't get it either
Maybe I should go out more
I have to go out tomorrow to get my hair cut .... so that's good , I'll get away from this for a while

Sandy Mastroni said...

oh and Sue ...... thanks ....... It's Inktense pencils , I use Inktense over the acrylics and it is amazing and fun to use

cgillette said...

like #2 much better, but you can just see the soul of that first incarnation peeking out....still a bit creepy!

Carole Reid said...

I totally get it, Sandy! One minute the work is finished and I pat myself on the back then oh no whatever was I thinking...... oh now it's a fish!
Your work is genius. Does that make you a genius nut? Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

I like Him!!!! And very nice colors!!!!Best!!!!

Diane said...

I can see where clown number 1 isn't as much your style as clown #2 is. Maybe that's why you chose to repaint instead of starting a new one. Making art isn't the same as punching a time clock and that's the very thing that allows freedom. The people that work regular jobs are the real nut cases!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks for looking at these clowns , and for your comments
funny and insightful
we're all nuts

Evelyn said...

I like both clowns. The first. clown appeals to me more. The colors are richer. Second clown creepier.