Saturday, July 6, 2013

something a mom says

I just finished another mom cut out

I would LOVE it SO SO much if you would tell me things YOUR mom said

I remember my mother saying " a little birdie told me " .....
and " this too shall pass " , Tomorrow's another day

please tell me some things YOUR mom said or maybe YOU say to YOUR kids
maybe I will use it for another mom cut out { if that's okay with you }

this one is in my shop



Cindi Myers said...

"Don't you dare give it to the dog!"
"Eat the crust! It will make your hair curl" (I did, and it does)
"There are starving kids in China"
"Eat your peas"
"Finish your plate or no dessert"
"You ungrateful little brat! after your mother slaved over the stove all day!"
"You can't leave the table until your plate is clean"
"I don't care if you think your going to get sick, keep chewing"
"Stop crying. or I'll give you something to cry about"
aaaah. the memories! :D

Priti Lisa said...

My Nani used to say:
Beauty is as beauty does.
I think that would be perfect for one of your beautiful moms.

Shelley said...

Your mom pieces are so awesome!

A few that I can remember my mom using...
- because is said so (and I quite enjoy using this one now with my teenagers although it's completely ineffective)
- you're not leaving the table until you finish those peas. and no, you can't have another glass of milk (what kid didn't swallow their canned(!) peas whole with milk?!)
- give your head a shake
- i don't care what "so and so's" parents let her do
- don't worry about what everyone else thinks (I still live by this bit of brilliant advice)

I look forward to seeing more of your mom pieces!

Sandy Mastroni said...

these are great