Tuesday, May 14, 2013

elephant pillow

I made a pillow ........ an elephant pillow { illustration .... using ink and Inktense }

Have a wonderful day

update >
** This one has sold , going to Pennsylvania **
I will make another ...... this week .


Unknown said...
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Sandy Mastroni said...
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Cindi Myers said...

I was just thinking that I should try making a pillow...perhaps a cat pillow?
I was going to use acrylics but now I think I will try with my Inktense!
Now I see your pillow, Oh MY! I love it!
and I absolutely ADORE Elephants.
It's so cool!

Cindi Myers said...

Sandy, Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.
I just feel like ...I don't know, just blah, blah blah.
But I will get back on the Blogger train soon.
I'm off to buy some freezer paper now! Thank you! xoxo