Saturday, February 9, 2013

blizzard 2013

 looking out my front door
 see those two mounds of snow ? ......... those are our cars
 back porch

 back yard
 Oh ......... my little door nook , can't get in there now
 this is the path to the driveway ....... I measured 32 inches deep...40 inch drifts
 time to take a break from all this snow . I painted this painting a few years ago ....... pretty funny huh
he reminds me of Mr. Roper
 back to the snow ....... the snow drifts are amazing
looking up at the roof
well ............ we got it ! it seems everyone got a different amount of snow , I think we got the most { ? } here in Connecticut
we shoveled just a little .  it's too much .  There's no where to PUT the snow !!!!!!!!   I wonder when we'll get to our cars
Hope all is well where you live .


Janine said...

Wow! That snow is amazing!

That painting is so clever and funny!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks Janine !

Atelier Pompadour said...

Oh my god!! never seen this here!! wonderful!!

Cindi Myers said...

please be careful.
all kidding aside.
be safe.
xoxo - Cindi

Susan said...

We got four inches Thursday night and it melted Friday. All is sunny and dry here in Virginia today. Please be careful about shoveling or falling in this kind of snow. No one can get to you to help. I'm especially concerned with health issues now. Promise me you guys wont do too much. It is beautiful to look at. Will your roofs hold up to this much snow?

Gerushia's New World said...'s a beautiful sight (I'm in Southern California), but I know it must be hard to deal with. Stay safe and inside!

Gerushia's New World

yoborobo said...

Holy moly! That is some snow! I hope you guys have power, and can just hunker down for a few days. Love the painting - :)) xox

Sandy Mastroni said...

The sun is out now , but .......... the front part of our house gets no sun
The cars get no sun
we'll go slowly
the plow hasn't even been on our street yet !
Thank you Lord > we have power

thanks for all your comments !

Meg Mitchell said...

We had about half of that yesterday but we look like Florida next to your lot. I love the picture of your two cars or should I say .. Big lumps of snow? Stay warm and cozy.

Deb L. said...

Can you believe this stuff?? We got just as much up here in Vernon... our road has yet to be plowed but the sun is out and the dogs are deliriously happy with it all.
Myself, Florida is looking mighty good!! xo Deb

Deb L. said...
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lynne h said...

holy moly, that's a lot of snow sandy!! all i see is *shoveling*, though! obviously someone's been doing a lot of it at your place...

that's wonderful that you still have power...

be safe and warm sweet woman.


Deb Harvey said...

It's beautiful, and I love your painting. Stay safe and warm!

canngil said...

and we were in hysterics over a few min of hail out here! Take care, and keep warm!

Beverly Kaye said...

Oh my! You guys are really buried! Beautiful, but ever so daunting! I worry for the elderly, infirm and animals. Since I have an overstocked freezer, I had plenty of food. Main roads are surprisingly fine all the way into Ansonia. Woodbridge is a mess.

Sarah said...

Thanks for the snow pictures. I have been wondering what you folks have been going through. Pretty bad when it drifts clear up to your windows and the cars are covered! Also, I like your painting of the "egg eyed guy"!