Wednesday, January 30, 2013

another chalk painted piece

 looking around in my basement .... I found this , so ............ I used Behr "Botanical Green " paint with plaster of paris mixed in [ chalk paint } ....... I put three coats on , distressed the edges .
 THIS time , instead of using paste wax ...... I tried Wipe-on Poly { by Minwax } , which was even easier than applying the paste wax
Perfect for my dolls .


canngil said...


Lydia said...

Just a nice thick paint is good enough. I have been using this technique for almost two years now. After painting, waxing, buffing then sanding, one can also rewax in a darker shade, then buff, and it creates an antique look more aged than the regular wax look.

I have even used it with some regular paints. My daughter had a vintage mirror with cute curves which she painted black. It didn't sell. the moment I waxed it up it made it look very chic and sold for twice the amount of the original price :)))

Hope that you are well. Two emails to you came back. Was it just a snafu, or have you changed your email?