Friday, October 12, 2012

Etsy angel art doll ......{ just sold ! }

Today I made a Christmas angel art doll ....... I'll still be making Halloween stuff but I wanted to make an angel today
this angel is in my shop
wow ..... she just sold ......... I'll make more angel dolls > I'm so happy , now I can make more !

I was thinking today how Juliette [ my cat ] was more like a rabbit than a cat . She didn't go up and down the stairs like a cat .... she must have been part rabbit
and on nights when I went into our front room to pray .... it would be completely dark and I would be praying on my knees and Juliette would sneak in quietly and lay down right up against me while I prayed
I'm still thinking of how sweet she was .


Ellen said...

They leave such a gap......when I was sad, Sooty would come very quietly up next to me against my neck and pat my face....I am making an angel Sooty at the moment x

Janine said...

She is adorable!

yoborobo said...

I love your angel! I have a cat who comes and stares at me when I am feeling low. Just stares. So sweet, he is very shy, and he sits on my lap and purrs.

Cindi Myers said...

I'm so happy that you are happy making angels. I think everything you create is perfection.

I'm so sad about the hole left in your heart. My Boo was my special cat. She only loved me and my Golden, Maddie. I will miss her always. I have my Harry though. He comes to me and wraps his front legs around my neck like a hug and rubs his face HARD against my chin. God, I love that cat. But then some days I don't believe he's really a cat at all but someone in cat clothing come to help me get through the not so sunny times.
XOXO - Cindi

Ellen said...

Such a lovely Angel doll....I'm not surprised she has been bought already......thank you for your lovely comment too.....I'll put a picture up when Angel Sooty is finished.

Robin Kent said...

Your angel has a lovely aura about her. No wonder she was wanted right away.
Hope you have comforting memories of your kitty, especially this time of year.

madlen said...

Beautiful angel ;-)