Saturday, September 15, 2012

Paint Happy Cats

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Yesterday .... someone said to me { about Juliette } ...... " sorry you lost your animal "

SORRY you lost your ANIMAL ??????

It's sort of funny .  Funny Sad
I feel bad for anyone who has never known the love of an " ANIMAL "

can you imagine ! ..... ha ha ...... sorry you lost your animal .  I can't get over it .
what do YOU think of that ?

well ....
here is my finished painting of a very happy cat , It's a big square painting .... bright color.  This cat  reminds me of that Coney Island guy , or Alfred E. Newman [ Mad magazine ]

but I am so happy with this BECAUSE it's one of those paintings that " just happened "....

no pre planning , no thoughts , no critical thoughts while painting it ,
I just grabbed the board and started to paint !!!!!

it was magic

it's wonderful when I am not in the way , when it's a pure painting experience

and I'm thinking even though this does not look like Juliette .... it makes me think of her SMILING

THEY DO SMILE  ..... these " animals " we have do smile ....     don't they . !!!!!


DollZandThingZ said...

That wonderful face makes ME smile! I think your sweet Juliette would be honored by you painting a smiling kitty, They do smile...all the time.

Robin Kent said...

Juliette might have had a hand in it.
The spirit of a happy cat.

Carole Reid said...

Happy cat, happy painting, and yes "animals" smile....sometimes very sneakily!

Cindi Myers said...

Reading that, at first I feel a kind of anger. To call your little one, an animal. But after I have a moment, after I cool off, I feel sadness for that PERSON. As it has been said, you can never truly have a full life until you have known the love of a pet.
Even the word "pet" doesn't sit right with me...especially with cats, I mean unless we are talking about how WE are their pets.
So Happy to see how this painting flowed out of you, as Juliette guided your hand.
xoxo - Cindi

yoborobo said...

I think of mine as our furkids. I have 4 biped kids with no fur (and mostly adult - lol!) and I have 5 quadrapeds with lovely soft fur. Three of them purr. Animals? Hell, I guess we are all animals, but it would be a very strange way to classify someone we love. Speaking of LOVE I love this cat painting! xox

Ellen said...

How much "that person" must be missing....all that love that comes from what I call a "little friend, and person"....the trouble is that, one cant have all that love without the pain one day...but I would rather face the pain, than not know the love.
I love your painting, and need to shake myself out of sadness now and make a tribute to Sooty,
Blessings x