Saturday, August 11, 2012

Making a mess

Isn't it funny how you don't see the mess or care about the mess ....' while ' you are working  !

I have a great studio , but it doesn't look so great . There's just no way to keep brushes, rags , jars looking good.
Now it's just about midnight and I don't want to clean up my work area , but I should .... so that tomorrow I could dive back in and make another mess ............ I'm hungry
I want a toasted buttered bagel and tea .  [ but there are no bagels here ]
well ...... this is what I'm working on now .
have a happy Sunday


Cindi Myers said...

That's my problem too.
I have a mess I need to clean up before I can start another mess.
Maybe I will just push it aside and just add to it?
Or maybe shove it all into a gargabe bag and start over?

Unknown said...

Me too! Well, multi-messes really since I work in so many mediums...

Julie Fillo said...

That is a very sinister looking dog. But knowing you, I think it was what you are going for. I have the opposite problem, a very clean studio with nothing going on, so be thankful for your mess, dear Sandy

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cindi .... I know you're a mess [ ha ha ]
and hello Odd imagination !
and Julie ....... that's funny , okay .... I will be happy for my creative messes
I hope you make a mess today !

Robin Kent said...

Messy good. Pristine not so. I added a layer of left over linoleum to my work area in my bedroom where I paint. Now I don't mind if I get paint splattered around. (and it's always black paint).
I also put my rinse water jar inside a big left over plastic tub that used to hold cat litter. Perfect recycling and I can bang those brushes with abandon while cleaning them with no mess on my wooden bedroom floor.

Lydia said...

Love it!!!

Momo Luna S!gnals said...

I love that girl and her dog! :-)