Saturday, June 18, 2011

Etsy paper doll .... cat art.... sold

I painted a cat and then ....
I just made a paper doll of him
He's in my shop
I cut this out from heavy cardboard ... raised the back just a little so it will cast a shadow
there's a loop on the back for hanging
or can be propped up on a shelf

have a good weekend !

OH .... it just sold ! But I will make more SOON

Saturday night update > ....oh oh oh ..... I just made another one and it's in my shop !


Ellen said...

I love him :o) x

Robin Kent said...

Me too! That puss has a great puss.

Cindi Myers said...

Hey! No fair!
:D - Cindi

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks !!!!!

canngil said...

Very adorable! Tom says hello to his cousin!

Janine said...

So sweet! What a clever idea! I still love paper dolls at my age! I used to cut out the Mary Englebreit paper dolls she had in her magazine. I would xyron them onto magnet sheets and I keep them in a big but flat cookie tin and would try the clothes on them easily but connecting them, doll first then clothes to the lid of tin. I suppose they's make a great refridgerator magnet! I just gave myself an idea!

BLUEYEDUCKstudios said...

he's...he's ... so adorable!!!!!

Lydia said...

He's so cute!

Just picked up The Law of Love and The Law of Violence, by Tolstoy-translated by a cousino f his in the 1940's, and at that time, not even printed in theUSSR. $3-

So apropos with our times.

ps- Also love carrot girl.

Susan said...

I love his beautiful eyes. You do the BEST eyes of any artist I know. Hugs.