Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Well Respected Man in my NEW etsy shop

click to enlarge > to see it BIG

well , first of all I want to thank you for ALL the funny comments in my last post . I FINALLY got to the post office today . It was a sheet of ice to the car , the roads are fine.... it's our house and driveway [ thick with ice ]
There's NO sun , ever , no sun at the front of our house .
The other day I bought a NEW MR. SHOVEL !!!!! and lots of ice melt

I have new NEWS ...... I opened up another Etsy shop . This new shop will have my paintings and illustrations . The other shop will have my dolls and pillows and the wood cut outs .
Do you think it's a good idea to have TWO shops ?
PLEASE visit me there > it's weird and lonely to have a brand new shop with not many looks or hearts
The shop is called ..... The Blackbird Gallery

so this guy > one of my 2 a.m. drawings . As I was drawing him the old KINKS song kept going through my head
A well respected man
I don't know if it even fits him .... but that was what I was singing

I hope everyone is doing fine with all the snow and ice . make soup !!!!!
Bye for now !!!!!


lynne h said...

sandy, you are so industrious!! the well respected man is making me have a big smile! xoxo

Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

love the guy!
love the tie!!
love the kinks!!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks you two !

Priti Lisa said...

The well respected man, indeed :)
Yay! on the second shop, Ms. Crazy!
I just read your previous post...that was the FUNNIEST thing I ever read!!! I have that broom's brother, he's blue.
How are your underpants? I put a clean pair on today, and I could hear that ztztz sound of rotten elastic heaving its last breath.

yoborobo said...

Hi Sandy! I will come visit you. I've thought about opening another shop, too, but I can't even get organized with one. :) xo Pam

vintagesue said...

the kinks!! perfect!!
i love your man. my son would go crazy for that drawing. i have to show it to him!!!
2 shops? why not!!! how exciting.
good luck...stay off the ice....and i too don't get sun in the front of my house. ugh.
take care

canngil said...

Dear Sandy, what were you taking at 2am in the morning?....what a cheerful hallucination!
will see you at your new shop!!
keep warm!

Cindi Myers said...

Wow! I just LOVE coming to your blog! I never know what I am going to find! This "MAN" is fabulous and SO unique!
I can see why you would need 2 shops for all your magic!
XOXO - Cindi

Sandy Mastroni said...

and THANKS too for visiting my new shop !