Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more .... dolls

more dolls in my shop .... these two and more !
I'm cold
but I would rather be cold than hot
which do you hate more ... july ? or january ?
which do you like more .... july ? or january ?
more snow tomorrow ..... yay and ya ya


Cindi Myers said...

well.....since you asked.
I like May and October.
But if you are making me choose...
uh, maybe January cuz I can get all cozy under my comforters and sleep peacefully rather than sweating to death and feeling miserable in the Heat of Summer!
(unless it's a rare nice day in July....nevermind.)

Cindi Myers said...

oops, I got all distracted!
I'm LOVING these dolls.

Cindi Myers said...

Ok...I'm NOT stalking you.
really, I'm not.
But I just went to your Etsy shop.
That little Tuesday cat is SO GREAT! I LOVE it! (I used to have a cat named Tuesday) anyway, that face is so terrific....

Sandy Mastroni said...

ha ha
you are so funny
thanks cindi

yoborobo said...

I'm not sure which of those two months I like better, because if either one is too unpleasant, I just go inside. So maybe they are the same? I love Fall and Spring. LOVE your new dolls, and Cindi cracks me up. xox

suze said...

Sandy, I am loving your funky little dolls! I am trying to open an Etsy shop but oh my! After reading your post?
It's cold and yukky here too.Good studio day.

Meg Mitchell said...

Hi Sandy,
Love your new dolls ... so cute. Once I get settled in my new home, I will have to come back and shop.