Thursday, November 4, 2010

etsy paper doll , cat girl on cardboard

do you feel like you spend more time taking photos , writing and posting on Etsy than you do creating the art ?
I'm so tired ..... and I'm also a big baby . I just want to make the stuff , I just want to create
and it seems like so much time is spent on everything else
well ..... see .... I'm a big baby
I put some Winter things in my Etsy shop ...... some snowmen , a Santa and this paper doll
Just put them on , and now I want to take a nap

one more thing > My cat , my old Baby Em is doing FINE now . She is eating and drinking and being annoying .... she is fine
thank you again for caring about her [ and me ]
I'm thinking now [ wondering ] if maybe she fell , she has some favorite spots in the house that require quite a leap , maybe she missed and fell and got hurt ? but she is back to her old self now

HEY .... ONE more thing > Did you watch the Soupy Sales show when you were a kid ?
I grew up with Soupy and the Three Stooges and the Addams Family and ..... etc
doesn't this photo of my big fat old arm ,in my big old smelly sweater remind you of White Fang ?.......... or Black Tooth ?
You can see them on You Tube
and Pookie too


yoborobo said...

I agree completely! I don't want to do any of the etsy listing, or the marketing. I just want to make stuff. And your arm is not fat! It is lovely. As is your paper doll. :) Have a wonderful weekend, so happy Baby Em is feeling better. We have a dear old cat named Luna, and she gets arthritis now and then. And cranky - lol! xox Pam

Ronnie said...

We all need secretaries! I loved the Three Stooges too. And Sky King and Fury and Roy Rogers and Howdy Doody and I can't remember anymore because I'm so old. Your sweater doesn't smell and your arm looks lovely. That Ethel Mermaid was so fun.

Mary Bullock said...

Ohhhh I LOVED Soupy Sales!! I remember watching the time the staff played a trick on him on live t.v. - Soupy had to answer the door and talk to someone off camera - but instead of the usual person it turned out to be a stripper - the audience could not see her, only Soupy could. He just fell out laughing and could not stop laughing on live t.v. - I was just a kid and of course none of us knew what was so funny until years later, Soupy spilled the beans and told. : - D

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks pam, ronnie and mary

Mary > I remember that story !