Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tell Me your Secrets , illustration on wood cut out

It's actually on MDF board , masonite board but I write wood because it's sort of wood [ only better ] and so many people don't know what MDF board is
But I love it .
This is cut out on my scroll saw
It's a print on board . I painted the original with acrylics and Inktense pencils.

I put her in my shop

'Carmelina ' just wrote to tell me the meaning of MDF ..... it's in the comments
it means medium density fiberboard
THANKS Carmelina !!!!!


Dixie Redmond said...

I sooooo love MDF. It's so smooth and so wonderful.

Cindi Myers said...

I think that little girl is hiding something behind her back! Scary!
(but she's awesome!)

Anonymous said...

it's Medium Density Fiberboard! do I win a prize cause I knew that? lol

i just love this little adorable...!!!

thanks for sharing..

Janine said...

Wow this little girl is great! Sandy I just love these wood cutouts you are doing!

MDF, isn't that a compilation of many woods (bits) to make a strong substrate? Absolutely wood!

Oh I guess Carmelina already said it. I didn't know that!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I didn't know what mdf stood for

glad I learned something today

thanks for all the comments !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey back Sandy...

thanks for following...and yes, I tend to know a lot of 'useful - useless' things! lol

are you italian?

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Oh, she is definitely going to "winkle" all my secrets out, if I look into those eyes for long! This is great, and obviously, I love the title!

canngil said...

she looks like a juvenile Theda Bara or one of those other silent movie actresses from the 1920's with the deep hypnotic eyes!

Priti Lisa said...

I love all of these cut-outs you've been are so full of ideas...I'm in awe...
MDF is a wonderful (yes)wood.
xox, Lisa

Ronnie said...

OOOOoo. There go those eyes again!
You are a dynamo lately, Sandy.

Gerushia's New World said...

Fascinating, beautiful, eerie, curious....a child that knows too much.

Gerushia's New World

Sandy Mastroni said...

Ha ha
I have been trying to think of another title for this girl
I looked up
the girl who knew too much
turns out it was a 1960 's movie with Adam West and Nancy Kwan
I'm changing the title to this and relisting her
[ this one just sold ]
Thanks Kim

Thank you EVERY one

Susan said...

I used to love painting on mdf, I've not experienced a saw yet, but you seem to be rockin' it! Very intense pose, also.

Lydia said...

What kind of scroll saw do you use? Does it have pins, or variable speed for close cuts? You do great work w/yours.

Very familiar w/mdf as all the signage companies use it, and it doesn't warp.

joanne/drawntoletters said...

Your painted faces are captivating! I don't want to be a "Debby Downer", but MDF is full of nasty resins and chemicals to keep the fibers glued into smooth "wood". Please tell me you are (all) wearing a dust mask when you cut this stuff.

tess stieben said...
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