Sunday, September 21, 2008

Greenwich workshop

These are the two paintings
that I entered into
The Greenwich Workshop
small works contest .

I had one painting accepted
last year !

I hope I get in this year !

If you have a little time
I would appreciate
SO much if you would go and vote for my paintings . .....IF .....I get in ! maybe I won't this year . OH .... I hope I get in

It's sort of a pain but it can be fun too

You have to register [ no big deal ] but it still takes a little time

BUT you will see ALL the entries .... so you might enjoy it
Here's the link .

on line voting starts October 1
I hope I get in

If I don't .... maybe you will want to vote anyway [ for other artists ]
I will find out soon [ this week ] if my paintings were accepted .

Thank you !!!!!!!


NanaBeast said...

How exciting! Looking forward to seeing new-to-me art.

I registered, but as a "Collector" it looks like we don't start voting until October 1st. Have I got that right?


Sandy Mastroni said...

Yes Denise .... thank you !!!!

I forgot to write in the post that voting begins October 1st

I went back and wrote that in the post .

I'm so glad you left your comment
as I didn't realize I left this important info out .

Thanks Denise !

Theresa said...

All signed up Sandy and ready to vote... I hope both of your paintings get picked. It would be wonderful if you won the gold... I've got my fingers crossed. You know you've got my vote my friend. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you Theresa and Denise !!!!!

La Fiancée disparue said...

I'm definitely in!


Cathy said...

I have also registered Sandy so remind us when voting starts. Love, love, love the kitty. Your colours are so vibrant. Good luck with them anyway. What happened to The Queen btw?