Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bad Hare Day aceo... sold

okay .... so it is really really hot in my house so I'm starting to get a little crazy

This lady is having a bad hare day

I will be adding this to my mixed up all over the place ..... draw whatever is in your head ETSY shop


Theresa said...

I really love your new ACEO cards....especially the crow and this one... so funny. :) I do have bad hare days too....LOLOLOL.



Holly Zemak said...

Hi Sandy, Thanks for the comments on my blog this morning. Nice to meet a fellow artist from CT. & cat lover. Love this ACEO - how did you know what my hair has been looking like lately!! Enjoyed your pen & ink entitled Balance (Etsy store) - I like ink drawings - which is how I found Cathy @ One Pink Goose. Try to stay cool.


Tracy Nuskey Dodson said...

Hey, that's my

noodle and lou said...

how did you know what I look like in the morning!!??