Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chalk Paint = Happy Girl

 I have wanted to try making my own chalk paint for the longest time ...... I finally did it ! and I'm SO happy I did .  I bought this child size bureau the other day . It's only 18 inches tall and 14 inches wide .
doesn't look so good in the wood color , does it .
You do NOT have to use primer on this

 I mixed Plaster of Paris into some old pink paint .......
If you try this >>>>> get as many lumps out first . add a little hot water into the plaster of paris , get rid of lumps and then add to your paint .  I didn't measure . I just threw some in .
** update ** > Denise mentioned in comments ... to use an emersion blender to get rid of the lumps . what a good idea ! thanks Denise .
 then I sanded , and distressed edges ....... then I used Minwax Finishing Wax Paste
and here is how it looks now .

I am thrilled !!!!!!!! I am happy ..... I'm so excited , I want to paint more furniture , old frames too .
I love that you don't have to prime the piece first
Just paint it on !
I did three coats ..... but I've never done this before ... so maybe you don't need three coats
I also had too many lumps in my paint , { so I had to sand a lot away } ....so next time I will get more lumps out
I had no idea what I was doing , I just dived in and it worked out well
TRY it ......TRY it ...... do it ......... it's fun ......... you will be HAPPY .... just like me you will be a HAPPY Girl !


Ellen said...

It looks really great and sounds like fun.I have some things I want to try it on....thank you for showing it.
I have a 6 year old bag of plater of paris....I wonder if it matters if it's old....I can try anyway.

Susan said...

I love, love, love this!!! More, more, more...PLEASE!

Sandy Mastroni said...

yes Ellen .... mine seemed okay , and my plaster of paris was more than 6 years old
Thank you Susan ... I love doing it , so I'm already thinking of what I'll paint next

Cynthia Myers said...

Too bad you live so far away.
I've got some stuff you could paint!

carol gourley said...

Love the colour!!! I have been wanting to get that colour somewhere in my living room and what a good idea to paint a dresser.

canngil said...

Wonderful work! that turned out so well! Love the little dollies peeking out too! Bet Jerry would have made an appearance too if it hadn't been PINK!

Janine said...

Beautiful job Sandy!

denise said...

what a great idea!
Re: lumps -- try using an emersion blender. I have one that I use just for crafty types of things. I probably don't have to say this but....make sure your dish is deep enough and keep it emerged (just like if doing tomato sauce, etc.) so you don't end up plastered...

Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yoborobo said...

Wow - that looks so cool with the distressed edges...not to mention your 'gang' hanging out in the drawers! lol! I have an old dresser in my garage that I want to paint an aqua color. Maybe I'll try this! Of course, it will have to be A LOT warmer outside first. :) xox

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Wow, it looks amazing!! I'm totally inspired to find me some old furniture and do the same!

Robin Kent said...

Love this! You got me so excited! Now everything I look at will be a target for a new coat. One question, though: really don't need to prep the surface? I have an old bureau that was already painted (shiny). Wondering if I should sand just to take the gloss down a little...What do you think?

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thanks to everyone !!!

Robin ..... I don't think you have to prime it or sand

You can research this .... I even saw someone used baking soda !

Last night { after midnight } .... after my husband was asleep
I painted the piece of crap Vanity I have in my bathroom .... that typical crappy Home Depot vanity.
I painted it !!!!
with the chalk paint
and it looks SO much better
and then
I went to the kitchen cabinets .... I didn't even wipe off the spaghetti stains { ha ha }
it covered it all
There's no stopping me now !