Saturday, May 14, 2011

shabby chic mermaid........sold

I had this thought as I was falling asleep ... [ instead of counting sheep ]
I wanted to make a doll using bits and pieces hand stitched .... like the way I used to make heart pillows
so I made this doll today . The hand stitching took forever but I didn't mind ...... it was fun stitching on bits of lace, cheesecloth , buttons, bits of old doilies too .
Hope you are having a nice weekend !

This mermaid doll is in my shop ! { sold ! }


oldblackcatboo said...

time well spent :)

yoborobo said...

She's amazing. A Victorian mermaid. :)) I love using bits and pieces of things, and hand stitching. I think I do it because it gives me permission to be messy and imperfect - hahahaha!
xo Pam

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Sleep must be a fertile time. I got my last idea just as I was awakening. Hmmm! Love your mermaid!

canngil said...

lovely lovely!! make another one!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Thank you everyone !

I DID make another one today !!!!
The one in this blog post sold
I'll take photos tomorrow and post the new mermaid .

and Susan > I accidentally deleted your comment .
gee ..... That was so easy to make that mistake and no way to get it back !

Robin Kent said...

A lovely mermaid adrift in a sleepy sea... I do a lot of my unconscious thinking while asleep! Sometimes asking the questions before nodding off helps too. She's lovely.