Tuesday, July 22, 2008

two new faces on Etsy


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for your note! I love your stuff and your blog. They are really great.
Scarlett loves cats, she in fact calls herself 'baby meow' and me 'mummy meow' ... and so on, even the dog is 'Syndey meow'. If I even call her 'honey bunny' she gets really mad and says:
"Not, bunny, meow!"
OK, OK, already!
So needless to say when she saw your cat paintings she was over the moon.
Anyway, I too will be back to read some more .... ahhh, time!

Leslee said...

I enjoy your work immensely Theresa is my daughter-in- law and is a huge fan of yours, as I have become as well. I particularly like your ladies. They have a 1930's quality in their faces and sometimes their clothing. I wish you great success and much happiness.