Sunday, July 20, 2008

Retro look

Welcome sign .... soon to be in my Etsy shop
Oh I want cake .


Gail McCormack said...

Hi Sandy
You come up with the most wonderful ideas...I love your work, I love the original ideas, the colours are perfect...keep it coming

Diana said...

Really really really really really really DARLING!!!

I love how the color palette also harkens to the vintage '50s inspiration. It's a really a gorgeous sign. You should make prints! I think many would want this for their own.

Say, that reminds me. You know what I love? Vintage fruit and inanimate objects that have human characteristics, walking and talking and soforth. Is there anything more cheery?

Usually I will be right there with you in wanting some cake. However... I had to glut on my son's birthday cake on Sunday, and I'm still recovering. Your body does different things when you're pregnant, I tell ya.


Kelley said...

Oh I couldn't agree more, as always love your work. Happy weekend! Kelley