Sunday, January 12, 2014

Punch and Judy , Humpty Dumpty and Fancy Cat

 My Painting of Punch and Judy is going to Maxine in Australia !

 Closer look at Judy and the Baby
 Pleased as Punch !
 and my painting of Humpty Dumpty is still on my studio wall

but Fancy Cat painting is in my shop ...... button embellished frame
I painted this cat on LINOLEUM .... the back of linoleum is fantastic to paint on ...... I love Painting on it  !........... The ONLY thing I don't like to paint on is stretched canvas !
Oh I forgot to say that I painted Humpty and Punch and Judy on linoleum TOO
try it ... buy a big roll of linoleum at Home Depot , you can cut it with regular scissors ..... wonderful to paint on !  A big roll costs about $28.00
write and tell me if you try it , and if you like it ! ....... I'd love to see what you paint on it !


Diane said...

I have some ugly linoleum that is my kitchen floor. Too bad it's glued down!! Do you heat it up to get it totally flat?

I'd probably try a remnant but that's how I ended up with all this fabric.

Sandy Mastroni said...

It rolls out pretty flat
and I know what you mean ..... too much STUFF
new stuff is fun
thanks Diane