Friday, May 22, 2009

Visit this NEW blog

Beverly Kaye just added more paintings of mine to her gallery .
She posted a few on her new blog
and WOW >>>> make sure you click my paintings to enlarge ..... you will see the details .

it's an interesting blog ..... I hope you wil visit her !

THANK YOU Beverly !


bo betsy said...

wonderful paintings, sandy!!!! i adore them, you, and beverly's wonderful concept of art for children! i can just see the child, years later, taking your delightful work with them as they set up their own home... the memories that will go with it...
love it.

Theresa said...

Sandy all the painting on Bev's blog are stupendous. :)

Sandy Mastroni said...

Oh thank you both
I'm glad you went to Bev's blog too

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sandy!
i love the paintings beverly got!
her blog is great too. thank you for the link and congratulations!

happy holiday weekend!