Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Harry named his cat Houdini ... a print of my illustration ,,,,boy with his cat

I'm reading three books at the same time ....
1984 .... George Orwell
Ragtime .... E.L. Doctorow
I just finished
most of
The Left Behind Tim LaHaye books
I was getting freaked out
so I started Peyton Place .
Anyway >>>> this drawing is one of my 2 a.m. drawings when I just don't want to go to bed
It's in my Etsy shop now as a print
Thanks for stopping by !


Theresa said...

I love it's so funny that the boy and the cat have the same devilish smile. :)



Sandy Mastroni said...

thanks Theresa !!!!!

Daphne said...

What a pair! Interesting combination of books too. :-)

suze said...

I hate going to bed at night too. Cute artwork...come over to my blog and see what I did with my pillow. Also having a give away.

Susan said...

Freaky, but in a really cool way. Hmmm, same as us! Take care, Susan.

canngil said...

How do you manage 5 at one time??? two or three, ok, but five is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, you continue to inspire. love those faces.

Big hug, Deborah

p.s. come by the gallery....may I show your art again (and again?...)

Abby Creek Art said...

Love it! That has got to be the best cat grin ever.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi sandy!
oh i just love it!
happy friday!!!!

Cathy said...

This is wonderful Sandy. The style and colours remind me of the style of drawings in "the old days" - Enid Blyton's Famous Five etc. It has a wonderful old fashioned feel to it. You are so clever with art.

Sandy Mastroni said...

and Cathy
I will look to see who
Enid Blyton is ! ?????