Sunday, April 20, 2008

I love this mirror frame . It measures 15 inches wide by 35 inches long. The frame is painted in graduated shades from a soft green to a soft pink.

All day on Friday I tried to paint something 'special' for it . I was trying too hard. It turned out awful and is now in the closet. I was so mad , sad and frustrated.
And then................. I read the comments from yesterday's post. You like Baby Bella !!! SO ... I thought ......I will do another Baby Face!!!!!!

I appreciate EVERYONE"S comments so much !

and I always wonder how many hours another artist puts into a painting . This one took me ALL day and night Saturday AND Sunday. It's finally finished. I had fun though ! I DID stop to make 13 bean soup [ it's so good ]. and NO .......I did NOT eat a cupcake .

My husband just walked in and said " Is that Patty Cakes in the hallway ? " Now I don't know what to title this .
Patty Cakes or Baby Face Cupcakes ??????


Theresa said...

Dear Sandy,

I love it... the cupcakes... her sweet little face... the frame..... I love it!!!! You know I do like the name Patty cakes.... it's kinda of fun you know. :)

Big Bear Hugs,


anniebeez said...

This painting is perfect for the frame! What a great piece!! I vote for Patty Cakes!
I hate those frustrating days like that-I've been there too, trying too hard. This baby really turned out perfect!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I've got a feeling it's going to be Patty Cakes. Michael comes up with funny titles .
One painting I did was of two ladies standing near a vase of flowers ......
He named it Stacey and Tracey by the vasey .
and I used that and it SOLD right away
I guess titles are important

Theresa said...

Oh, Sandy tell that Michael of yours that he's funny. I had to laugh about the other title... very catchy... "Stacey and Tracey By The Vasey". :)

Big Bear Hugs,


The Vintage Sister Studio said...

The painting is so sweet and the frame is amazing! What a great find. Maybe I'll be able to find some cool stuff like that on my trip this weekend!

Daisys Little Cottage said...

I love this, so stinkin' sweet. I'm stalking your etsy sales , just waiting for the perfect clock for my cottage. Ive been hankering to get the tuxedo cat but holding out to decide. Do you have any other clocks up your sleeve that you'll be putting in your etsy shop?
miles of smiles,

Jenn said...

squeeeeeeal! It is incredible!!!! I love it and want it right now hanging in my house:):):) I just enjoy your art SO much Sandy. Thank you for sharing with us:):) xoxo...jenn