Sunday, May 24, 2015

Art doll , a new one for Etsy {{ SOLD }}, Sandy Mastroni

A new art doll in my Etsy shop
Her name is Clara
*** update ** ........ Clara just sold , she will be on her way to England soon . This doll was a lot of work but I really like her so the plan is ... to make another somewhat similar
thank you Cheryl for buying her

Monday, May 18, 2015

My cat Buddy { in my studio }

I cleared up the mess on my table so I could get to work and make a new mess , I turned around , came back and there ..... was .... Buddy !

" Buddy , I have to get to work . Could you find another place to sit ? Go look out the window , go bother your sister { Holly } "

 No ..... this is good , I'll just stay here

This is a good spot

" Well , I have to move you , I will put you in my bed , make a tent for you , a nice spot to take a nap "

and then .... that sad sad face

This is Buddy . He's with me ALL the time .  Some cats are the best , most lovable , sweetest cats ..... Buddy is one of the best { ever }
If you ever thought about getting a cat ............ get a cat ...... now . today .... ha ha

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bird art ..... whimsical art doll , Sandy Mastroni , Etsy

a whimsical bird ........ the head , the wings , the legs are all sewn and stuffed separately and sewn into the body by hand .... I made a little fabric flower { with an old pearl in the center } ....... Oh , and I put on an antique finish , so the brown antiquing paint goes into the crevices.... This bird is in my etsy shop !

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

art doll head , sandy mastroni {{{ etsy }}}

art doll head ......... she is in my Etsy shop !!!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

three little kittens . three art doll cats ...... by Sandy Mastoni

 This is Christine .... I made a fabric flower for her { with a pearl in the middle } , and she has a necklace too 

This is Linda Lou ....... I made a fabric flower for her too , her dress is linen , lace collar with an old button.

and this is Beatrice ..... painted in off white , old lace at her hemline , with a fabric flower { pearl in center } , lace and old pearl button collar
don't forget to click photos to see larger image

Thursday, March 19, 2015

new cat art doll { a fabric sculpture } sandy mastroni etsy

Here is the start of a new cat doll ...... it never looks very good in the beginning , I admit that I don't have to spend a ton of money on " supplies " , it's the TIME , it is labor intensive . This is just a strong cotton fabric { a curtain panel } and of course the stuffing ... I use a dense cotton stuffing { like they used to use to stuff sofas } Upholstery stuffing , and clean rags  { cut up soft blankets }
her head , the legs and tail have been stuffed separately and sewn into the body by hand

 then I paint her all black

black acrylic paint

a little sanding ..... then I dry brush white acrylic paint

a little color

 start the face
and then I put a coat of polyurethane on , let it dry well  and I love adding the antique finish , I brush on " Folk Art " antique medium . letting it get in the crevices .  Rub it off

and .... here is Cecilia . She is in my Etsy shop .

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

art in progress ...... Mister Rodrigo ..... by sandy mastroni

what am I doing ...... I have no idea

maybe this will be good

after stuffing and sewing all the pieces into the body , I paint it all black , and I want to throw it out , just throw it in the garbage can and start a new doll ,,,,,, but ,,,,, I keep going

 I still don't know .... but I keep going

 and then ....... maybe ..... maybe this could be good


liking him more now , so I keep painting him , and so I put a coat of polyurethane on him , then an antique finish that I rub on and wipe away { I use Folk Art medium }

and Mister Rodrigo is done ......... on my wall , hoping to find a new home

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

three art dolls , and a story about my oven

This is Claudia Anne .... she has a blue fringe trim at the hemline

This is Cookie ..... with her stripes and polka dots

This is Claudia , I put a gauze fabric at the hemline

I made these three ...... for my friend in England to look at , for her to decide if she wants any of these dolls .

OH .... I've had so much going on here , house stuff !!!!  problems , but they did all work out okay .
One night last week I turned on my oven , walked away , and when I came back , it was beeping like crazy , I could not shut the oven off , and the stove was SO SO HOT . It freaked me out , scary ..... so my husband shut the circuit breaker off , we put fans in the windows and the oven cooled down . well ..... so.... we needed to get a new range , since this one was 17 years old . and all the other appliances were 17 years old too ,  we went and bought a new washer , dryer , refrigerator and a GAS range { I've always had electric }
but the problem was the driveway and walkways were solid ice  { under the snow } ..... so we spent a day chopping ice and shoveling .
the other problem was clearing a path in the basement , { I have SO much stuff } , clean out the frig , clean and move stuff in the kitchen so they could get the new stuff in , we have a small cape cod house , so things are tight
I'm getting used to the gas stove .... I wanted it because I've also been getting into using a cast iron skillet ! {{{ I like it }}}}
I made THE best  eggs that night . I've been cooking for over 40 years and I never could make eggs , so I made my husband very happy finally !!!!!!
When we went to the small appliance store { not a big place like Home Depot } .... when we walked in , the first thing I saw was a beautiful AQUA range . I WANT THAT ONE , I said ..... but then I realized it was just for display , a beautiful old aqua range from the Fifties ....... oh ...... so ...... just get the basic boring , VERY basic nothing fancy appliances . just plain white , so boring ..... but even though ........ I'm grateful , they are clean and new , so that's good
anyway this real life stuff exhausts me .... I haven't been working and that makes me NUTS ,
Hoping to post more on this blog , I love Pinterest , I don't like Facebook , I don't know what good Flickr does me ........
but I just want to thank you for visiting and I hope you will come back again !!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

how I make my Rat art doll ........ sandy mastroni {{{ SOLD }}}

 this is how it starts .  I use any fabric { usually cotton } as long as it's good and sturdy fabric . This is material from a curtain panel .  I draw the shapes , sew it up .

Sewing all the pieces together takes time .... the legs , arms ,ears and tail are cut separately , stuffed , and each piece is hand sewn into the body . Stuffing is so important .... time consuming , because I pack in the stuffing , pack it in hard , shaping things as I go . Then I paint the whole piece solid black . get it dry { I have no patience , I use a hair dryer }
Looks awful at this stage , doesn't it ? !!!!

 Then I dry brush white paint on , letting some black show through , letting black sit in all the crevices .
Then I paint colors on her . soft pink for her shirt , a blue for her skirt
I then apply a generous coat of polyurethane varnish all over the doll ..... let it dry , making sure it is very dry before I continue.
finally ...... I brush on Folk art medium , which is a dark brown antiquing gel ..... wipe some away with a soft cloth, leaving some brown in the crevices , adding any more details ....... like polka dots and stripes , dry brush red onto cheeks and nose ....... derwent Inktense pencils used around the eyes .  I might add a few more whiskers , black threads stitched through and secured . On the back .... I usually put a button with some wire for hanging . Sign my name on the back

ALL DONE ......... I'll be putting this rat doll in my etsy shop soon , Her name is Greta
**** she's in my shop now ! **** {{{{ sold }}}}}
also > was this interesting to see ?  If you think it was , please let me know . I've been neglecting my blog , not sure who still looks at blogs , seems like Pinterest and facebook have taken over the blogs !

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monster art doll ... and baby monster by sandy mastroni

Monster Molly and her Baby Bella ............ Molly has a zipper mouth , Baby Bella fits into her dress pocket
she's in my etsy shop !

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Holly's kitties

This is a Holly doll .... for Holly
stitching those tiny kitties was a challenge .... little stitches , stuffing little tails and legs
but I like the tiny ones , they are a little over three inches tall
click photo to enlarge !

Monday, January 19, 2015

YIPES STRIPES .....Penny Patricia and Peaches art dolls

 This is Penny ... she's the first yipes stripes girl that I made a few years ago . She is 10 1/2 inches tall

 This is Patricia . She's a little bit bigger .... she's 12 inches tall

 This is Peaches .... she is 11 inches tall
 so here are Penny .... Patricia in the middle .... and finally Peaches
this is Patricia , Penny and Peaches

These are for Holly to look at ... she wants one , I hope she likes one !!!!
Do you remember this old TV commercial Jingle ... Yipes Stripes Beechnuts got 'em
Yipes Stripes .... Beechnut Gum
Yipes Stripes 5 different flavors ... and I don't remember the last line
have a good day .... which one is your favorite ?  which one will Holly choose ???? { I think she will want Penny }