Thursday, February 13, 2014

I'm a cat girl

Oh .... I am 100% cat ...... I did have beagles when I was a kid , that was a long time ago , since then ,,,,, my whole adult life I've lived with cats .  I had a really nice lady ask me to make her bull terrier as a dog doll . This was my day ..... making this doll . If you are a DOG person , tell me what you think ....... hopefully my etsy customer will like this dog doll


The Quintessential Magpie said...

It is adorable. She will love it!



Sandy Mastroni said...

really ? you think so ?
thank you
I hope she does

Cynthia Myers said...

Looks just like a Bull Terrier!
He looks like he's about to poop.
of course dogs do that a lot.

You KNOW that I LOVE dogs.
I have a house full but I gotta say, I probably would never have a Beagle. They drive me crazy at my job. I'm taking care of two of them right now and they won't stop barking! AND they try to eat everything in sight.
anyway, cute dog doll.

Anita said...

I know she is going to love this...She must like your style to have made this request. You really captured the Bull Terrier in Sandy Mastroni fashion... It takes so long to make custom orders but I bet it was fun. Maybe this will launch you into a new dog series

cgillette said...

He is a cute pup, and certainly a bull terrier! but personally, I love the basset hound you did a few years ago! you need to do more bassets!

Lisahct said...

Adorbs Sandy! Love the way you worked the profile -

Sher Pierson said...


Snif, snuffle, sniffle, honk, hickup.... I LOVE him so much.

Sher Pierson said...

Sher LOVES the Bull Terrier Doll. It IS my doggie Botero (Bo)

I am so thrilled that tears were shed. I have no words! Except - THANK YOU SANDY, SO VERY MUCH!