Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jerry picked Cathy

well ... I wrote 12 names on pieces of paper , mixed them up and Jerry picked Cathy of One Pink Goose .
Cathy has a great blog full of her wonderful drawings You really should visit her blog ,web site and etsy shop

so .....

Thank you to EVERYONE!!!!!!
We'll do it again sometime soon


Cathy said...

Oh Wow....I am so overcome. My luck has turned at last. Thank you so much Sandy for Jerry picking me as the giveaway winner. I am thrilled to be the proud owner to be of your lovely kitty picture. I have a spot just where I want to put it. I will send you my address asap.

This is the second time I have won a giveaway so I will have to host one of my blog soon to give everyone else a chance. Once again a great big thank you Sandy.

Denise Leavens said...

Yea Cathy! Yea Sandy!

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow,
For She's a Jolly Good Fellow,
For She's a Jolly Good Fe-el-low...
Which Nobody Can Deny!

Sandy Mastroni said...

Hi Cathy .... [since you are in England ] ... I wonder if you know who Jerry is
I'm glad you won , happy to know this kitty will be going on a long trip to YOU.

and Denise you're a happy loser
ha ha [ said with love ] couldn't resist saying that .
thanks for the song !

Dulcette. said...

Yay! {^_^}


Melissa and Emmitt said...

congratulations cathy!
you are so lucky!
:) melissa

Theresa said...

Way to go Cathy!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!



Cathy said...

Thanks everyone for being such good losers. Your turn next...lol. No Sandy, I don't know who Gerry is. I thought he was a puppet that you had in your home. Who is he then?