Thursday, July 31, 2008

' This Cat ' drawing

late last night
about 3 a.m.
I drew This Cat.

and today ...I just painted

I don't have a name for
This Cat

And I haven't decided what to do
with This Cat

If you have a title or name for This Cat.....I would love to hear it
This Cat and I thank you.


Theresa said...

I don't know why but I want to call her Miss Bella.



Diana said...

He's really beautiful. He's a boy, right? Or am I just off? I think he's a boy. A right handsome boy, too.

I would call him Robespierre.

I just read about your goal of 50 pieces in the shop. Wow!!! That's alot, and you're almost there. Fantastic. You are so prolific, and so talented. I wish your shop were actual, so I could wander through and look and admire and hold my breath until you kicked me out for loitering (then I'd look through the window until you had me arrested for being weird).

I want to talk to you about a possible custom clock order for my new baby's nursery. I'm writing it down because I forget a trillion things when I remember one. I don't even know if you'd consider a custom order, so let me know and I would never be offended. You know I'm your biggest fan.


Denise Leavens said...

Bellissima! She is Italian and is so beautiful that when others lay eyes upon her loveliness they exclaim, "Bellissima!" She assumed that must be her name and dresses accordingly.

If and when you make another Crabby Cat magnet, let me know. I was SO disappointed to learn that he'd been snatched up before I even got to your Shop! I want my own Crabby Cat. Your avatar of Crabby Cat is what drew me to your Etsy Shop in the first place!

And Alice is beautiful and I love her cradling the pig. "Halloween Night" is great! In fact, your prolific efforts - especially in such HOT weather - astounds me. Must be some super natural wave you're lucky enough to be ridding!


mpwynters said...

Oh, he is cute. I want him to live with me.


Sandy Mastroni said...

your names are great . I didn't know if it was a boy or girl either .
there is something Italian about this cat . maybe sings in the opera
and yes Diana .... I would love to make a clock for baby

Thank you for your ideas and comments !!!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

well.... I chose Miss Bella

but she is bellisma and on weekends she pretends she's

Cathy said...

She is gorgeous Sandy whatever she is called. I love her outfit too. Very fussy and primmy, probably for afternoon tea with the

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh my goodness sandy!
i love your kitties!
i missed you while i was away. thank you for my beautiful cat magnets!